Very Cool Things

The Youngest Spy in the Whole WorldOur mailbox has just been chock full of cool things lately.

Back in August I posted about one of my photos that was going to be used for a book cover. The book is a Dutch young adult novel called De Jongste Spionne van de Hele Wereld (The Youngest Spy in the Whole World) by Kurt Frenier. Last week the publisher sent me 4 copies of the book, and it really looks great. I just wish I knew someone who reads Dutch so I could give them 3 of the copies.

Animal MagnetismI also received a copy of Rita Mae Brown‘s latest book, Animal Magnetism. The publisher used one of my Blue Jay photos to illustrate a chapter in the book, and sent me a copy by way of thanks. Even sweeter, Rita Mae Brown herself signed it for me, and wrote a little note. If you know who Brown is then you’ll probably understand why I’m so pleased about it.

The cool thing about getting copies of both of these books sent to me is just that it was completely unnecessary. Both publishers asked my permission to use the photos, even though they didn’t have to – and both sent me copies of the book, once again, even though they didn’t have to. That’s just sweet, you know? Having a signed copy of Brown’s book is major-league icing on the cake.

I’ve always said that seeing how people use my photos, and the interesting places where they turn up is one of the best things about releasing them to the public domain. The extremely cool people that it brings me into contact with is a huge bonus, and something I think I appreciate even more simply because I didn’t expect that aspect of it at all.



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