Pimpin’ The Product

Well, I finally got around to re-doing the KenThomas.us PhotoStore.

Hey, it’s only been on my ‘To Do’ list for… 18 months or so. Maybe a little more. Probably.

At any rate, people who ordered when they first became available are now receiving their 2011 Calendars, and that’s led to me getting a lot of requests for prints lately. That sort of encouraged me to get off my ass and get it done.

You can click HERE to check it out yourself. Or HERE. You could even click THIS if you wanted to. There’s a new button over there on the left and you can click on that if you’d like. Hey, I’m flexible.

So here’s how this works – I’ve set up a storefront with a company called ImageKind. I tweak and fine-tune the photos so they will look good printed (which is a whole different process from preparing them for the web) and then I send them to ImageKind. By visiting the store and buying a print, you’re actually ordering from them. Not me. They handle all the printing, billing, and shipping stuff, which is nice because I’m entirely too lazy to mess with all that crap.

I’m not really making any money off of this, so I don’t push the prints all that hard, and please don’t feel like you’re doing me a favor or supporting my hobby or anything if you buy one. If you really like one of the images and you’d like to have it hanging on your wall, then the store is there to allow you to do that. I just think it’s cool that someone would like one of my photos that much, to be honest.

I can personally attest to the quality of the prints. I’ve ordered quite a few of them myself, and I’ve never been disappointed in the results. I’m also really careful to only put images in the store that will look good when printed. If you place an order and you’re not happy with what you get, be sure to let me know and I’ll make it right.

The ImageKind system allows you to choose everything from size to shape to the paper you have the photo printed on. My only suggestion would be that when you choose the paper, pick one of the glossy selections. The basic matte paper looks good, but it’s kind of flat. The glossy paper really makes the photo pop.

Every image in the 2011 Calendar is featured in the PhotoStore. The rest are mostly requests I’ve gotten in the past for a specific photo – and that brings me to my final point. If you ever see an image here on the website that you’d like to have as a print, just let me know. I’ll be happy to set it up so you can order one.

Also, to celebrate getting the PhotoStore back up and running, I wanted to mention a little sale. If you enter the promo code WEEKEND10 when you checkout, you’ll receive 10% off your order and free shipping. The sale applies to any image in my PhotoStore, and will be valid until Sunday night (December the 19th) at Midnight. Have fun with it.



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