Ken who?

Ken Thomas
My name (as you may have gathered from the name of the website) is Ken Thomas. I’m 42 years old, and I live with my wife Vicki and our son Marshall in a little town called Lenoir, that sits in the shadow of the Blue Ridge in western North Carolina. I’m an occupational safety and health consultant by profession, and I work as the Corporate Safety Director for a heavy civil construction company. I grew up in the community of Jodie on the Gauley River in Fayette County, WV – and I attended Gauley Bridge High School and (briefly and unproductively) Marshall University. I’m a veteran of the US Army Infantry.

When I’m not working, I hunt a lot, fish a lot, paddle my kayak as much as possible, mess around with my honeybees, do a little hiking here and there, and tinker with computers. Most of your typical redneck pastimes, I guess. I like my cigars cheap, my whiskey straight, and my coffee black. My politics could best be described as libertarian transhumanist, I’m big on personal accountability, and my general operating philosophy can be summed up with the basic hillbilly principle: “Leave me alone, and leave everybody else alone while you’re at it.”

If you’ve poked around the site any, you’ve probably noticed that I also take a lot of photographs, but I don’t really consider myself a photographer. The term ‘photographer’ seems to imply a level of knowledge, skill, or talent that I clearly do not possess. Mostly I think of myself as an outdoorsman. I spend as much time as possible outside looking at beautiful things, and at some point I decided “Well, as long as I’m standing here looking, I might as well take a picture.” I occasionally refer to myself as a photographer here on the website, but that’s more a matter of convenience than it is accuracy, and not something anyone should take seriously.

Me & Vicki

Me & Vicki

I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer in terms of redeeming qualities, but I am inordinately proud to serve on the Board of Directors of the Shelter Home of Caldwell County, I do some volunteer work with a couple of wildlife restoration projects that I feel somewhat strongly about, and I get pretty serious about Wikipedia. I also don’t kick puppies very often. Or very hard.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by my little website. I hope you’ll find something here that’s useful to you, amusing to you, or both.

Life is very short, please investigate it closely.” – Siddhartha Gautama